The Next Wave Institute provides experiential, transformational training to educate the current and next generations how to survive and thrive through technological disruption.

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Crisis of Control
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. A wave of technology like never before seen, driven by exponential progress, is coming ashore, and we are unprepared to deal with it.

Artificial intelligence will bring incredible benefits to society while simultaneously posing an existential threat. Within the next few years, automation may bring unemployment to entire industry sectors.

There are no easy answers on how to navigate this fantastic new world, so what we bring are the tools to ask the right questions:

  • We work with educational institutions to train teachers to conduct experiential, transformative courses that open minds;
  • We deliver unique trainings for executives to understand and leverage the effect of exponential change upon their business;
  • We work one-on-one with high-value individuals to help them shape their impact on the developing future.

See the TEDx video by founding member Peter Scott

Meet the team

Lead Facilitators
Peter Scott

Peter Scott has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University and has worked on computers for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 1983. His 2017 book, "Crisis of Control" explores our precarious future relationship with artificial intelligence.

Peter J Scott

Futurist, NASA Technology expert, and author
Pierre Dussault

Pierre Dussault Eng is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Leadership/Management Consultant. He brings his unique life and work experiences to help Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Managers, be more effective and engaged, and navigate through major transitions in their lives and work.

Pierre Dussault

Civil Engineer, Coach, Author
Matthew Bronson

Dr. Matthew C. Bronson, PhD is Lead Consultant and Subject Matter Expert for SPOL, LLC, an integrated platform for strategic planning, accreditation, assessment, and budgeting. He has served as Director of Assessment at Dominican University of California and the California Institute of Integral Studies and Academic Director at the O’Reilly School of Technology.

Matthew Bronson

Principal at Edvaluators and Lecturer at UC Davis

Board of Advisors

Christian Martin

Christian Martin lives in Germany, near Stuttgart, where he freelances as a "Learning Coach". He is also an international resource for coaches who need to converse in French or German.

Christian Martin

Betty Uribe

Dr. Betty Uribe, actively serves on several advisory boards and boards of directors in the US and abroad, across different sectors including business, education, the arts, culture and social responsibility. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, "The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business & Life".

Dr. Betty Uribe

Entrepreneur, International Business Analyst

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